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Breaking News … stands

Over a decade ago, banks of newsstands were installed in the Park Street business district to replace the hodgepodge of shabby-looking newsstands.  Unfortunately, the spiffy new newsstands came on the scene just as newspapers were giving way to digital media … Continue reading

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What does a bail bond company and the USS Hornet have in common?

They are both big, respond in a moment’s notice, and support in times of need!  At least that’s what Aladdin Bail Bond company says. I was caught by surprise when I was watching television last night.  A commercial came on … Continue reading

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Buzz from City Hall

The problem with distortion in the television audio feed from city hall that I wrote about on January 26, 2012 was fixed, but now it’s back.  Recent broadcasts of city council and planning board meetings were difficult to endure.  Who or … Continue reading

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The Buzz from City Hall

Anyone who’s watched televised meetings from city hall knows about the background buzz when the camera angle changes.  It sounds like a short circuit in the video wires.  “Councilmember bzzzzzzzzzz.”  “Whabzzzzzzzz is the bzzzzzzzz fiscal bzzpact of bzzzzzz.” Once when … Continue reading

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Silence Has Implications

The editorial in the Alameda Sun (Council Needs a PIO, Aug. 18, 2011) supporting the recent appointment of a city public information officer (PIO) went one step too far.  It advocated for the city council to institute its own public … Continue reading

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Missing Our Local Cable Company

A tug of war between Internet service providers (ISPs) and the public is playing out before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and in the halls of Congress.  Both the providers and the public demand their freedom on the Internet. The … Continue reading

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