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Krusi Park Trees Slated for Removal

These two large cottonwood trees at Krusi Park, a major visual landmark, are slated for removal within the next few weeks to coincide with major renovations funded by Measure WW park district funds.  Included in the plans are the replacement of the … Continue reading

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Tree Policy Roots

The loss on Park Street of 28 mature trees in one fell swoop on October 19 and 20 (and three more trees days later) is not only heart-wrenching, it shows how official city policy doesn’t always guide official city action. The … Continue reading

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Checking the List Twice for Berkeley Lab

The decision-makers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab are undoubtedly finalizing their selection of the location for the Lab’s second campus.  They are expected to make their decision by the end of November. Looking over the list of features that … Continue reading

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Alameda Occupies Wall Street – South Shore

Messages from Alameda’s Occupy Wall Street demonstration on Otis Drive at entrance to South Shore Shopping Center, November 1, 2011:

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