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Slow Your Run on Route 61

Go on, admit it.  You drive over 25 mph on Broadway—State Route 61.  It’s easy to go over the speed limit there, particularly between Otis Drive and Encinal Avenue.  The wide street, with only a distant stoplight, makes it feel … Continue reading

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Northwest Territories: A Fixer-upper

Up for discussion is the East Bay Regional Park District developing and managing part of the Northwest Territories, depending upon where the proposed veterans’ facilities are built.  The following slideshow illustrates some of the physical challenges on the Northwest Territories:

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East Bay Regional Park District Spearheads City/VA Parkland Deal

It seemed as though the plans for a veterans’ facility at Alameda Point were moving full steam ahead.  But no.  Last year the project almost died until the East Bay Regional Park District stepped in to help. The $210 million … Continue reading

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