Support Local News Publications

Many communities do not have any local news publications, but Alameda is blessed to have three!  

The Alameda Sun is where the city publishes all its public notices and covers local issues.  The East Bay Time’s Alameda Journal reports on local matters with an added regional perspective.  The Alameda Post is the city’s only all-online publication bringing to light an array of local news, including a weekly newsletter and podcast.

Alamedans should not take any of these local publications for granted.  The only way to keep them going is by subscribing or donating, and businesses placing ads.  Treat yourself or someone else to a subscription to one or more of these local news organizations.  It is also a service to the community that keeps giving all year long.

Local journalism is important on a number of fronts.  It fosters a well-informed citizenry, which is essential for the functioning of any democracy.  Journalism plays an important role in holding those in power accountable.  It also engages the community and informs public opinion.

Journalism does not need to be competitive, just informative and reliable.  The more publications the better!  Each brings its own flavor to coverage of local affairs on a platform that best suits its readers.  For example, some readers prefer hard copy newsprint while others like using their screen.

“Call me old school, but I like the feel and crinkle of the newspaper over my morning coffee,” said Dan Sedgley, a retired Alameda Coastguard Chief Petty Officer.  “I read it cover to cover.  I always look at the obituaries, the ads from small family-owned businesses, and the police blotter,” adding, “And I like hearing the good news, the aspirations of the community.”

Each source increases awareness on key issues from city hall policies, to elections, to what’s happening around town.  All three publications permit letters to the editor so that viewpoints can be shared.

Each outlet also offers unique coverage.  Each operates independently.  Whether it’s the Alameda Sun covering local sports or the Alameda Post covering the local art scene, articles and letters are usually not duplicated.

The Alameda Sun is a weekly publication and can be delivered to your home or picked up for free at many nearby stores or the Main Library.  The Alameda Journal is dropped on many residents’ doorstep once a week or can be purchased around town.  The Alameda Post is a nonprofit publication that posts new content online every weekday.

Although the practice of journalism has evolved and consolidated in recent years, its role and need for independence has not diminished.  Local journalism provides a voice and increases awareness for all.  Journalism is often referred to as the fourth branch of our three-branch system of government, as it provides another check-and-balance on those in power.

We must support local publications so that they can continue performing their essential service.

Originally published in the Alameda Sun

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