Breaking News … stands

Over a decade ago, banks of newsstands were installed in the Park Street business district to replace the hodgepodge of shabby-looking newsstands.  Unfortunately, the spiffy new newsstands came on the scene just as newspapers were giving way to digital media like smartphones and laptop computers.  Today, the mostly empty and vandalized newsstands are the new eyesore.

Photo Essay:

A sign of The Times

Park Street at Lincoln Avenue

This just in:  Trash

San Jose Avenue at Park Street

Free Speech Zone

Alameda Avenue at Park Street

The Word on the Street

Santa Clara Avenue near Park Street

Thinking Outside of the Box

Central Avenue at Park Street

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3 Responses to Breaking News … stands

  1. Charles Sumner says:

    Maybe it’s time to reduce the # down to 4 and set requirements for upkeep by publication. Or to add a service and upkeep fee to the usage!?

  2. Rick Faller says:

    pull the actual box machines off the pedestal mount and attached some redwood 2×8’s makes a great bench for people to sit on.

  3. tony daysog says:

    On behalf of the late Councilmember Karin Lucas, I’ll look into this, if city staff have not already addressed this matter. This was an issue championed by Councilmember Lucas I believe circa 1992 or 1993 — well before I got on Council in 1996.

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