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Bigger Council Is Not Better

Out of the blue, Councilmember Tony Daysog suddenly has a new priority.  He wants to expand the city council from five to seven members.  (Daysog’s Swearing-in Ceremony Speech, Alameda Sun, Dec. 29) What gives?  This expansion was not part of … Continue reading

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Make-Believe Traffic Remedy

The chant coming from city hall is a familiar one: “What do we want? Another consultant! When do we want it? Now!” Hiring consultants can be helpful at times, but when an issue has been studied to death, it’s make-believe … Continue reading

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Silence Has Implications

The editorial in the Alameda Sun (Council Needs a PIO, Aug. 18, 2011) supporting the recent appointment of a city public information officer (PIO) went one step too far.  It advocated for the city council to institute its own public … Continue reading

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