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Get More Involved with Alameda in 2011

Make your New Year’s resolution local. Some people can tell you intricate details about state and national politics.  Some stay abreast of international issues.  They dedicate hours to gathering information and forming opinions.  But ask them who is on their … Continue reading

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A Frank Assessment

The end of the year is a time of transition for the City of Alameda.  Frank Matarrese leaves the city council, and Rob Bonta steps in.  Mayor Beverly Johnson and Marie Gilmore swap seats.  It’s more than musical chairs, the … Continue reading

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Trader Woes Comes to Alameda Point

Many decisions are based on trade-offs, and choosing the path for developing Alameda Point is no different. The “Community Benefits” page in the city’s “Going Forward” workbook caught my attention.  It asks us whether we would be willing to build more … Continue reading

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