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Another One Hits the Road

What a shame.  What a loss. The latest person to give their departure notice to the city is Alameda’s Base Reuse and Transportation Planning Director Jennifer Ott.  She is going to serve the City of Hayward as their deputy city … Continue reading

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AMP Leaves Alamedans in the Dark

Our electric company may be publicly owned, but public participation is down because it requires too much energy. In 2017, eight of the eleven monthly public utilities board meetings, including two with important workshops and presentations, have been or will … Continue reading

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A Sign of What’s to Come?

At their first meeting, the new city council unanimously agreed on all the issues before them, including moving forward with the Del Monte Warehouse project. As Councilmember Jim Oddie said at the end of the meeting, “Maybe this is a … Continue reading

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Action-Packed Start for New Council

The new city council is not wasting any time in making good on their campaign promises, and then some. On January 6, at the behest of Mayor Trish Spencer, they will consider repealing ordinances the former council adopted just two … Continue reading

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Buzz from City Hall

The problem with distortion in the television audio feed from city hall that I wrote about on January 26, 2012 was fixed, but now it’s back.  Recent broadcasts of city council and planning board meetings were difficult to endure.  Who or … Continue reading

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The Buzz from City Hall

Anyone who’s watched televised meetings from city hall knows about the background buzz when the camera angle changes.  It sounds like a short circuit in the video wires.  “Councilmember bzzzzzzzzzz.”  “Whabzzzzzzzz is the bzzzzzzzz fiscal bzzpact of bzzzzzz.” Once when … Continue reading

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