In Memoriam: Tree Grande, October 2011

At the corner of Park Street and Central Avenue in Alameda

Two of Grande’s neighbors that were the last mature trees standing:

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6 Responses to In Memoriam: Tree Grande, October 2011

  1. M. Gordanier says:

    Thank you. What has happened to Park Street is tragic.
    These pictures are worth many words.

  2. Alexandra says:

    A dear friend called me while I was on the East Coast this week. He said “A terrible thing has happened… They’ve cut all the trees down on Park Street.” We both wept & felt like we had betrayed our sacred friends, the Standing People, the Trees. How could we not have known our town was about to engage in this act of violence ? How could we not have stood up for them after all that they have given to us over these 40 to 80 years… What has happened is a travesty… And that we could not stop it makes it even worse… I can’t bear living in a town that believes that clear cutting trees could be part of a main street “Improvement Program” !!! Who could possibly think Park Street now looks better ? It looks like a grave yard. It is even too painful for me to shop there. Alameda loses in every way by this act of disregard for life.

  3. Laura Groves says:

    Thank you for this photo of the biggest, loveliest tree on Park Street. Last week when walking from my house up to Peets, my jaw dropped as I passed Starbucks and saw the devastation. I have tried to speak with the “engineer” supposedly responsible for this and have only succeeded in having a game of phone tag. I even stopped by City Hall to ask about it but to no avail. All anyone there will say is that the cutting of these trees was supposedly approved by the voters. Meanwhile, there is an actual dead tree outside my house (killed by a hamfisted “pruning” effort by the City which irrevocably damaged the lower bark of the tree as well as disfiguring its branches) that has still not been replaced. What on earth is wrong with these people??

  4. Matt Ritts says:

    Alameda City officials putting commerce over community? Disgraceful, typical behavior of a backward-thinking local goverance. Shame on you City Council.

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