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Plan for Trees not Clear Cut

Many beautiful mature trees at Alameda Point could be cut down unless measures are taken to protect them. The second phase of redevelopment at the former Naval Air Station is focused on the Main Street neighborhood. The neighborhood is near … Continue reading

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‘Brooming’ Street Trees

It’s spring, and the trees are brooming everywhere! (And, no, I didn’t misspell that word.) Many of Alameda’s street trees no longer have their wide canopies because they’ve been pruned to look like brooms—one long tree trunk with some branches … Continue reading

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Krusi Park Trees Slated for Removal

These two large cottonwood trees at Krusi Park, a major visual landmark, are slated for removal within the next few weeks to coincide with major renovations funded by Measure WW park district funds.  Included in the plans are the replacement of the … Continue reading

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Tree Policy Roots

The loss on Park Street of 28 mature trees in one fell swoop on October 19 and 20 (and three more trees days later) is not only heart-wrenching, it shows how official city policy doesn’t always guide official city action. The … Continue reading

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Chop Park Street, Fall Specials, Plenty of Tree Parking

Park Street getting back to its roots: Twenty-six trees were removed to make way for new street lights and parking meter pay stations/kiosks.

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In Memoriam: Tree Grande, October 2011

At the corner of Park Street and Central Avenue in Alameda Two of Grande’s neighbors that were the last mature trees standing:

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