Point Progress Report

As directed by the Supreme Court’s opinion dissolving California’s redevelopment agencies, the city council dissolved its Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA) on February 7 and accepted the ARRA’s assignment of its rights, assets obligations, responsibilities, duties and contracts in order to manage and implement development of Alameda Point.

The city council postponed taking any action on how to proceed with Point development, however.  Staff had recommended the city itself, rather than a master developer, control the entitlement process that deals with the pre-construction process and requirements of obtaining the permitting, getting the land-use approved, utility easements approved, etc.

Acknowledging the city’s continued reliance on the existing reuse plan, City Manager Russo stated that proceeding without a master developer would allow the city to maximize both democratic control and land value.  Councilmember Johnson agreed, saying that developers come to the table with “not what’s necessarily right for our community, but what maximizes their profits.”

Mayor Gilmore wants clarification on the cost and role of an anticipated “development advisor” and assurance there would be no duplication of staff resources and skill sets.  She also made clear that she wants a master infrastructure plan in place as we begin to sell off parts of the base so that “everything fits together.” Councilmember Bonta asked staff to bring back an example of this model if it has been used elsewhere.

The council continued the hearing to March 27.  Its regular Alameda Point meeting for March 7 has been cancelled.

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