“South Shore Center” is back!

Updated July 4.

During the open comment period of the June 21 city council meeting, the manager for Alameda Towne Centre, Brad Wick, walked up to the podium to officially announce that the new owner, Jamestown Properties, listened to the community and will be renaming the shopping center Alameda South Shore Center.  The surprise announcement was followed by an immediate outburst of applause.

After surveying shoppers, Jamestown found that 91 percent preferred the name South Shore.  In fact, the survey revealed many shoppers never stopped calling it South Shore, even though the name had changed almost a decade ago when the previous owner, Harsch Investment Properties, started its remodel.

Manager Brad Wick said their company came to understand the name’s local historical significance and the importance of using the shopping center’s waterfront location as a marketing asset.

The new old name became official on July 4.  Their new tag line will be “Come shop at the beach.”  It kicks off a comprehensive rebranding and revitalization program.

An online poll was conducted in January.  I wrote about this topic in February.

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