Plan the Future of Alameda Parks


On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 6:30 PM–8:30 PM, help the city plan the future of your parks, community gardens, and urban agriculture. Share your ideas at this Community Workshop.  Meeting Location:  Recreation Center, Leydecker Park-Bay Farm Island, 3225 Mecartney Road, Alameda, CA 94502

On Thursday, June 16, at 6:30 there will be another Community Workshop at Mastick Senior Center, 1155 Santa Clara Avenue.

You can voice your support for Camping in Alameda

From the city’s website:

“The City is working with the community to create an Urban Greening Plan including both a Parks Master Plan and Urban Farm and Garden Master Plan.  The Plan will assess how well our parks are serving our residents, explore opportunities for community gardens and urban agriculture, and create a strategy for improving our parks and for greening our City.

“The City has already conducted a telephone survey; the results of which will be shared with the community at the scheduled  workshops.”

Read the full story on the urban greening grant program that provided Alameda with the funds for the creation Alameda’s Parks Master Plan and Urban Farm and Garden Master Plan on The Island.


The City of Alameda beat out a host of other local governments, planning agencies and nonprofits to win a $250,000 state urban greening grant. The grant funds will be used to generate a comprehensive urban greening plan that city officials hope to have ready by September 2012.   “Alameda receives urban greening grant,” by Heather Lyn Wood, on The Island, September 16, 2010.

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