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News & Views

Park District to expand Alameda’s Crown Beach (Sierra Club Yodeler, article, 11/6/15)

EBRPD to Purchase GSA Property at Crab Cove (Alameda Sun, article, 10/29/15)

Crab Cove–the final chapter (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 10/25/15)

Feds Prevail on Right to Take McKay (Alameda Sun, column, 6/25/15)

Council Throws Support Behind Crab Cove Expansion (The Alameda, article, 2/18, 2015)

Council to Pressure Federal Government over Park Expansion (Alameda Sun, column, 2/12/15)

Turning the Page With the Park District (Alameda Sun, column, 1/29/15)

East Bay Regional Park District Drops Lawsuit (The Alamedan, article, 12/9/14)

Feds Continue Crown Beach Action (Alameda Sun, article, 11/27/14)

Developer drops housing plan for Crab Cove Visitor Center (Mercury News/Alameda Journal, article, 11/25/14)

Government Fight at Alameda’s Crown State Beach (ABC 7 News, article & video, 9/1/14)

Amend this!  (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 7/17/14)

Council zones federal property for park (The Alamedan, article, 7/16/14)

Crab Cove expansion backers protest proposed companion ordinance (The Alamedan, article, 7/15/14)

Council Approves Crab Cove Initiative Unanimously (Alameda Sun, article, 7/10/14)

Midnight Madness (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 7/8/14)

Council backs open space ordinance for site near Crab Cove (Mercury News, article, 7/2/14)

Can we applaud now, Madam Mayor?  Or should we?  (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 7/2/14)

If you can’t beat ’em, scare ’em (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 6/28,14)

The city attorney pleads inanity (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 6/22/14)

Open space advocates welcome commission decision (Alameda Journal, article, 6/13/14)

Paging Ms. Albuquerque! (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 6/8/14)

Council may draft companion to open space measure (The Alamedan, article, 6/4/14)

Open space measure qualifies for ballot (Voters will decide fate of property at Crown State Beach (Alameda Journal, article, 5/30/14)

Zoning measure qualifies for ballot (The Alamedan, article, 5/26/14)

Feds sell land to highest bidder, snubbing state park and earning local enemies (Greenwire DC, article, 5/20/14)

Signatures Gathered for Crab Cove Ballot Measure (Alameda Sun, article, 5/9/14)

Group against Crab Cove housing plan files petition with city (San Jose Mercury News, article, 5/2/14)

Alameda’s park defenders are waging an all-out struggle for 4 acres of surplus land near Crab Cove (Alameda Magazine, May 2014 ed.)

Measure to bar homes from federal site likely headed to ballot (The Alamedan, article, 5/1/14)

Feds Going to Court Over McKay Avenue (Alameda Sun, article, 5/1/14)

Initiative seeks to expand Crown Beach in Alameda (Sierra Club Yodeler, April-May 2014 ed.)

Alameda Crown Beach: Stop the federal land grab (SFGate, editorial, 3/20/14)

Feds to Sue for McKay Avenue (Alameda Sun, article, 3/20/14)

U.S. Justice Department sides with developer on disputed Crown beach property (Alameda Journal, article, 3/19/14)

Feds to seek deed for road near Crab Cove (The Alamedan, article, 3/17/14)

Petition drive to kick off for Crab Cove ballot initiative (Alameda Journal, article, 3/7/14)

Sierra Club Endorses Crown Beach Ballot Measure (FOCB press release, 2/25/14)

Petition Filed to Put Crown Beach on Ballot (Alameda Sun, article, 2/14/14)

Park expansion proponents file ballot language (The Alamedan, article, 2/11/14)

Opponents of housing near Crown beach begin initiative drive (InsideBayArea, article, 2/10/14)

Voters Must Have Their Say on Neptune Point (Alameda Sun, commentary, 2/6/14)

City, Park District in talks to end lawsuit (The Alamedan, article, 2/6/14

Taking the initiative at Neptune Point (Alameda Merry Go Round, blog post, 1/20/14)

Stop feds’ land grab from state parks (SFGate, editorial, 12/20/13)

Residents Voted for a Park (Alameda Sun, letter to editor, 11/28/13)

Alameda:  State Attorney General Harris weighs in on property near Crown Beach (Inside Bay Area, article, 11/8/13)

Neptune Pointe Development Pitting State Against Feds (Alameda Patch, article, 11/8/13)

Crab Cove, Harbor Bay, Alameda Point: the Importance of Zoning (Alameda Sun, commentary, 11/8/13)

Alameda: Group working to stop new housing near Crown Beach (Contra Costa Times, article, 11/6/13)

Sierra Club and Friends of Crown Beach form exploratory committee (Press release, 10/30/13)

Crab Cove Housing Point, Counterpoint (Alameda Sun, commentary, 10/25/13)

Last Night’s City Council Meeting and Save Crab Cove!! (EBRPD Presentation) (NextDoor, commentary, 10/2/13)

Don’t Pay Heed to Messengers of ‘Blight’ (Alameda Sun, commentary, 9/19/13

Following the Path of SunCal (Alameda Sun, column, 9/19/13

Sierra Club Favors Parkland Expansion (Alameda Sun, commentary, 9/19/13

An endorsement to regret?  (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog post, 9/15/13)

Feds threaten eminent domain for private development on state parkland (Sierra Club Yodeler, article, 9/13/13

Sierra Club Favors Parkland Expansion Near Crab Cove (Alameda Journal, My Word commentary, 9/13/13)

GSA Must Respect Our Community (Alameda Sun, column, 9/5/13)

So’s your old lady  (Alameda Merry-Go-Round, blog, 9/4/13)

Small property at the heart of big dispute  (The Alamedan, article, 8/30/13)

A Common-Sense Plan for Crab Cove  (Alameda Sun, commentary, 8/15/13)

Through a Glass Diffusely  (Alameda Sun, commentary, 8/15/13)

Keeping Alameda’s open space, parks trumps new housing  (Alameda Journal, column, 8/9/13)

What happened to Measure WW?  (Alameda Journal, letter to editor, 8/2/13)

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Crab Cove Housing — You’ll Turn Blue  (Alameda Sun, commentary, 8/1/13)

Rezoning Crab Cove area as residential was unnecessary (Alameda Journal, My Word, 7/12/13)

Let’s Learn a Lesson from Lafayette  (Alameda Sun, commentary, 7/11/13)

An Open Letter to U.S. Senator Boxer  (Alameda Sun, commentary, 7/4/13)

Building homes near Crab Cove offers no public benefit  (Alameda Journal, article, 6/28/13)

Crab Cove’s Future? (Alameda Patch, blog post with video, 6/23/13)

Crab Cove Homes Come Before Planning Board (Alameda Sun, article, 6/20/13)

Save Alameda’s Crown Jewel  (Alameda Sun, commentary, 6/20/13)

Crab Cove Turn Around  (Alameda Patch, blog post with video,  6/14/13)

Logic Points to Parkland  (Alameda Sun, column, 6/13/13)

Make Neptune Point part of Crown Beach  (Alameda Journal, letter to editor, 1/31/13)

Closer Look at Lawsuit  (Alameda Sun, article, 11/29/13)

Timeline of events leading up to lawsuit between city, EBRPD (Alameda Sun, column, 12/20/12)

Alameda’s Neptune Pointe subject of suit  (sfgate, 11/24/12)

Park district sues over Alameda zoning change  (Alameda Journal, article, 11/15/12)

Park district may sue city to stop housing on federal property  (The Alamedan, article, 10/24/12)