Best bargain on the ballot!

For only $1 a month we can keep Crown Beach maintained, the Crab Cove Visitors Center open year-round, and much more.  What a bargain!

Measure FF continues for 20 years the East Bay Regional Park District’s current parcel tax of $12 a year for single-family parcels and $8.28 a year for multifamily units.  Each proposed project/commitment that Measure FF will pay for is spelled out.  Measure FF not only helps park operations in Alameda, but other East Bay regional parks as well.

It’s no wonder the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, Save the Redwoods League, and a host of other environmental organizations support the East Bay Regional Park District’s ballot measure.

Measure FF’s passage will ensure that the park district’s ongoing efforts to restore and protect natural habitat, improve trails, and educate the public through its visitor programs will continue.

Water quality across parklands will be improved with better watershed protection, and shorelines, marshes, lakes, riparian areas and urban creeks will be preserved.  Harmful algae blooms in lakes will be managed for improved visitor and wildlife health.

Measure FF funds will be used to develop a redwood forest management plan for parks in the Oakland hills and to provide stewardship of natural vegetation to improve forest health and reduce fire risks near homes.

Our $1 a month will also help fund operations in the new regional park proposed at Alameda Point, including providing public safety personnel there.  Our dollar will also protect seasonal wetlands and park facilities by preparing for sea level rise.  And the park district will enhance bay health by upgrading the storm-water drainage system at Crown Beach.

For biking enthusiasts, completing regional trails for commuters and safe routes to school is a park district priority, with specific emphasis on under-served communities and the San Francisco Bay Trail.

The funds from Measure FF represent a small but critical piece of the annual budget for our regional parks.  It’s important to keep this funding source going.  I feel very fortunate to have so many nearby parks in which to hike and ride my bike.  I hope you feel as grateful as I do and will vote YES on Measure FF on Election Day.

Measure FF will appear on ballots in the communities of Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Emeryville, Kensington, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, and San Pablo.  The measure’s projects and commitments were developed during many community meetings, three of which were held here in Alameda.

Our whole region benefits from a strong and well-funded park system.  It’s a great value for the money.  To learn more, see

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  1. Allison Martin says:

    Indeed Irene! Yes on FF!

  2. Allison Martin says:

    Hi Irene, may I post a link to this article on

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