Pedal Pushers

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve wished I could borrow a spare bicycle or two.  When hosting out-of-town guests or babysitting and looking for something fun to do, a bike ride would have been the perfect entertainment.  Now it’s possible!  We can rent bikes and more at Alameda South Shore Center.

Located on Shoreline Drive between McDonald’s and the South Shore Car Wash, “Pedal Beach” is open for business.  Its operation is run out of a truck container, and you can’t miss it.

Vanessa Laymon and Erik Johnson, the owners of Pedal Beach, grew to love using the shoreline trail when they rented an apartment on Shoreline.  They saw how bike riding enhanced their relationship and family time.  They thought “everything you need for fun in the sun” is right here.

While Alameda offers wind/kiteboard sports equipment rentals, windsurfing and kiteboarding require skill and a certain daring disposition.  “Extreme versus casual,” Laymon thought.  “Everyone can ride a bike.”  Just like the beachfronts she admired in Santa Monica and Monterey, Laymon knew Alameda could use a bike rental and began pursuing her dream.

Location, space, and costs all fell into place when the shopping center welcomed the business—a fitting addition to a shopping center trying to enhance its beachfront image.

Pedal Beach’s bike inventory comes in different types and sizes, and includes traditional “cruisers” with foot brakes and no gears, “tandems” built for two, and “cargos” that can hold up to four children with seat belts.  There is even a three-wheeled stroller bike.  Helmets and locks are included.

Laymon’s enthusiasm has grown with the warm reception they have received and the number of customers who say, “I haven’t been on a bike in years!” or “I’m going to teach my child how to ride,” or “I’ve never ridden a bike, but I’m going to try now.”

That’s not all.  In addition to bicycles, you can rent kites, chairs, umbrellas, skim boards, and hula-hoops.  You can purchase sand pails, towels, Frisbees, beach mats, t-shirts, drinks and snacks.  It’s the perfect solution for spontaneous fun.

Open 11-7 Wednesday through Sunday, renting is easy.  Simply leave your driver’s license, sign a waiver sheet, and pay with cash or by credit card.  The grand opening prices range from $10 per hour up to $30 a day.  And you can receive an hour rental at half-price while South Shore Car Wash cleans your car.  Better yet, get a discounted price by reserving a group of bikes.  It’s a novel idea for a birthday party or special event.  More information is available online (, Yelp reviews, Facebook) or when you stop by.

“It’s about fun.  It makes you smile, feel good, and be happy,” says Laymon.  I agree wholeheartedly.  There’s nothing like a good bike ride to add balance to one’s life.

I no longer have to wish I had that spare bike or two when the need arises.  Pedal Beach will be here through October.  If we support the business, it will return every summer.  Let’s pedal away.

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3 Responses to Pedal Pushers

  1. Marie says:

    What a great post, wonderful idea. I wish we could get our cops on bikes!

  2. Paul S Wood says:

    Love this place always brought my son here and now I have a girl! I’ll be there very soon this is top of my list for easy fun with the kids. The beach ride is amazing you can stop anywhere and play in the sand. Love this business!

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